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Custom Earrings Designed for You

Do you have trouble finding the right earrings for yourself? Maybe you are looking for a gift for a hard-to-please friend or significant other and want to wow her with something new. Earrings come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a simple half-carat diamond stud or a pair of large, jeweled chandelier earrings.

Our range of shapes includes:

● Stud

● Hoop

● Huggies

● Dangling

● Teardrop

● Cluster

● Chandelier

Before you come into our shop with an idea for custom-made earrings, you will want to consider a few things first:

● What material do you want the base to be made out of? You can choose from gold, silver, bronze, or a mixture of metals for something more distinctive.

● What shape do you want it to be, and how big? A good place to start with is a simple stud, then build up from there.

● What kind of gems do you want? Diamonds are always a good bet, but for more color and style, emeralds and sapphires are stunning precious gems that will make your earrings sparkle and shine. Semiprecious stones like birthstones can make a great gift for your mother, wife, or daughter.

● For dangling and chandelier styles, weight can be a factor. Bigger is not always better. Our artists can make a small intricate design or large loops with dangling ornaments or fairy bells that sing when you move. Whatever you can come up with, we can design.

There will be no problems creating your custom earrings in our shop. We use only the finest materials and gems to complete your piece and make sure it fits you perfectly. We can print out a 3D model of your design to get a better feel for the finished product. Once you approve of the design, we will create your one-of-a-kind custom earrings to your exact specifications.

How We Work?

For centuries, jewelry was created one piece at a time, for one person at a time.  We still like to make jewelry that way.  Our designers, artisans, and setters will help you create something that nobody else in this world has – something you can hand down for generations.



Every piece of jewelry begins with a story. What is the memory, event, or milestone that brought you to this moment? We’ll explore these ideas with you, and that will be the beginning of your custom jewel.



We might start by sketching or putting together a mini-idea board, but once your design is clear, we will create a 3D virtual CAD drawing. Then we will print a wax model for you to approve.



Finally, the artisan work begins. We will cast and form your metals, match and set gemstones, then polish and finish your piece to perfection. You will have a jewel like no other.


Before and After

Lost one of the Earrings

Created a duplicate

Jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory. It is a reminder of memorable moments in your life. Births, weddings, anniversaries, and other special moments can be made more memorable with jewelry. A woman bought a pair of gold earrings while vacationing in Greece. Unfortunately, she lost one of the earrings.

She brought in her earring, and we created a duplicate that perfectly matched the original with our 3D modeling software. We matched the original design to the point that she could not tell them apart. If you have lost some of your jewelry and want to replace it, don’t assume you have to buy new. Come to A&J Jewelry, and let us recreate the jewelry that means so much to you.


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