From Our Family to Yours

A full-service, family-owned jewelry store A&J Jewelers was founded with family in mind. Not just our family; your family, and your family’s family. We set out each day to make the special days that much more special. It isn’t just good business, it’s good tradition. Starting in 1986, Ashok and Jody Taank took their lifelong passion and expertise to the next step and opened their first jewelry store, A&J Jewelers, in Stone Mountain, Georgia. Just ten years later, A&J received the prestigious accreditation from the American Gem Society, putting them on the map as one of Georgia’s select, elite jewelers. Shortly after, the jewelry store moved to Snellville, to set up shop as Gwinnett’s premier jewelry sales and service center. We understand that being a community jeweler means providing meaningful options at every price point and for every reason and occasion. That’s why we built a 6,000 square foot grand jewelry store right in the heart of Snellville. The store represents our commitment to individuals in the community — by stocking everything from Pandora charms to exquisite fine diamond jewelry — and our commitment to Snellville’s business health. Whether you are searching for an heirloom engagement ring or little present, our experts can guide you the whole way, and we take joy in being part of every transaction.  Whether your child has saved up money to buy his or her first Mother’s Day gift, you want to reward yourself with a self-purchase, or you’re looking for an exquisite recognition of your 50th wedding anniversary, we’re here to help.

AGS Accredited

Have you ever gone into a shop anxious about your upcoming purchase and left with a lingering feeling that you could have been misled? Whether you are shopping for an engagement ring or that incredibly unique piece to become your family’s heirloom, wouldn’t you rather feel completely confident and joyful about your purchase? When shopping with AGS certified professionals you can shop with confidence in knowing they are here to service you, the consumer. What is the American Gemological Society? What does it mean to be accredited by AGS? AGS is a jewelry trade association and organization established over 80 years ago by the founder of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable jewelers. This prestigious group formed the Society to create and maintain elite industry standards in order to help give the consumer proper knowledge and understanding, while also enforcing and regulating ethical business practices. To offer you a loose comparison, as the IRS is an agency responsible for enforcing tax laws, AGS is responsible for enforcing ethical business practices and proper consumer education. A&J Jewelers has upheld these standards for 20 years with certification. We are not pawnbrokers, wholesalers or street vendors. We are credible professionals who are highly educated. We conduct ourselves and our businesses honorably. Unlike non-AGS certified jewelers and retailers, we are held responsible for these practices, educating the consumer and protecting them from being deceived about what they are buying and its price. As well as consumer protection, we are accountable for continuing our education and staying up to date on the current market prices, trends, treatments and much more. The American Gem Society assures this through the requirement of annual re-certification. To give you an example of the lengths an AGS member goes to in order to be there for you, the consumer, American Gem Society titleholders and retailers must each be re-certified every year whereas accountants only have to be re-certified every few years. The AGS membership and application process is more rigorous than that of an Ivy League college. You could say that the American Gem Society is the Ivy League among accreditation in the jewelry industry. For more details on the American Gemological Society and the membership process, please visit the AGS Website.
A&J Jewelers is a family-owned and operated jewelry retailer and manufacturer based in Gwinnett County. Located in Snellville, we are one of Gwinnett’s largest jewelry retailers, with over 6,000 square feet of showroom and service facility.  We carry a wide variety of products, and our specialties include loose diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, fine diamond jewelry, and precious color stone jewelry. In addition to a wide selection of private label products, we also feature brands such as Hearts On Fire, Pandora, Simon G., Citizen Watches, and many more. With over 100 years of combined experience, our jewelry repair and watch service department is here to assist you with a comprehensive range of on-site services including appraisals and engraving. Consult with our custom design and manufacturing department to create any one-of-a-kind piece, or to restore your antique jewelry.  Accredited by the American Gem Society, A&J Jewelers is proud and established member of the Gwinnett community, and will continue to serve our clients with proven gemological knowledge, strong ethics, and a family touch.