Ring Sizing

Rings need to be resized for a variety of reasons: a new wearer, weight gain or loss, or because you want to wear the ring on a different finger. Whatever the reason, it is incredibly important that your rings fit well. A well-fitting ring ensures that you are comfortable, that it is easy to put on and take off, and that you don’t lose it.


Not all rings can be resized. If your ring has gems set all the way around the band, the work of resizing can damage the stones, or can be extremely expensive. We’ll inspect your ring, evaluate the fit, and give you our professional advice regarding the best solution for your ring sizing needs.


Ring sizing is not a simple task! It requires a skilled jeweler with years of practice. Our jewelers have great experience understanding the properties of metal, the handling of gemstones, and the importance of carefully tending to the aesthetics of re-proportioning a ring. 


To make a ring smaller, the jeweler cuts an exactly measured piece of metal out of the ring, resolders the ring, and then reshapes and polishes it. When done by a professional, you cannot even see where the cut was made!


If a ring only needs to be made a bit larger, it can be stretched, warming and expanding the metal, then repolishing. Making a ring significantly larger can require cutting and adding metal. We will consult with you, and give you our best advice regarding resizing your ring.