Pearls have long been a symbol of elegance and grace. When you drape a strand around your neck, you are sure to get noticed. Pearls are a timeless classic that turn an ordinary outfit into a sophisticated, chic ensemble. Whether you bought your pearls in our showroom or you inherited them as a family heirloom, we want to keep them looking their best. Our pearl restringing service does just that!

Keep Your Pearls Looking Their Best

Restringing your pearl necklace helps  keep it beautiful and looking new, but it also helps to protect them. Over time, the silk cord will stretch and fray, causing the pearls to begin sliding back and forth between the knots. This leaves the silk exposed in places and those areas can get dirty with dust, dirt, and body oil. As the pearls slide on the cord, they pick up the dirt, spreading it and making the pearls dingy and dirty. Frayed or stretched silk cords can also break, causing you to lose your pearls or damage them.

How Often Should Pearls Be Restrung?

Pearls should be restrung about every two to five years, but it depends on the frequency they are worn. If you wear them often, you may have to have them restrung sooner. If you only wear your pearls on special occasions, you may be able to get away with waiting a little longer, but you should still inspect them regularly to look for signs of wear. In fact, it is wise to have your pearls checked and cleaned on an annual basis. 

Is it Time to Restring Your Pearls?

There are distinct signs that it’s time to restring your pearls.

  • Knots between the pearls are stretched, frayed, fuzzy or being covered by pearls
  • There are uneven gaps between pearls
  • Pearls slide back and forth on silk cord
  • Silk cord appears dirty or dingy
  • Necklace has noticeably become longer


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