Maintaining a nest egg to rely upon when financial emergencies arise can help you and your family to navigate tough economic times. One way to acquire cash on hand is to sell gold in the Atlanta area. Old or outdated gold jewelry, chains and other items can be a good source of funding for both necessities and life’s little luxuries. If you are wondering where to sell gold in the Atlanta area, A&J Jewelers should be your first stop.

Gold prices are currently at all-time highs. As one of the leading gold buyers in the Atlanta Metro area, we provide our customers with gold purchasing services and assessments that are accurate and honest. This commitment to integrity has allowed A&J Jewelers to build a solid reputation for reliability and fair dealings in the gold purchasing field.


Trust is a key factor to consider when selling gold in the Atlanta area. As leading gold purchasers, A&J Jewelers has earned the trust of our customers. We depend on our good reputation to ensure repeat business and to attract new customers to our store. If you are looking for accurate appraisals and fair offers on your gold jewelry, A&J Jewelers is a trusted gold buyer in the Atlanta Metro area.

The appraisal team at A&J Jewelers has the experience and the proven knowledge of jewelry values necessary to offer fair prices for your broken or outdated gold jewelry. We help you to convert your gold items to cash quickly to manage everyday expenses or to splurge on a new item from our outstanding selection of custom and designer jewelry items. Either way, A&J Jewelers offers the best prices in the gold purchasing industry and offers a transparent process to help you feel more confident in working with us.


The process of selling gold to us is simple and straightforward:

  1. The appraisal team at A&J Jewelers examines your gold jewelry carefully to determine whether we can purchase the item.
  2. We will then determine the weight of the item and its purity to calculate the value of your gold items.
  3. A&J Jewelers will then provide you with our findings on the valuation of your gold and will make you an offer on the items you have presented.
  4. If you decline the offer, your items will be returned to you.
  5. If the offer is accepted, we will keep the items and will provide you with the agreed-upon amount immediately.
  6. It is that simple to convert your old gold and broken chains into cash for all your current and future financial needs.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff members at A&J Jewelers will provide you with a clear idea of the value of your items and with fair offers on your gold jewelry. We work with you to provide the best options for selling gold in the Atlanta area. At A&J Jewelers, we are here to serve you now and when you need us in the future.


If you accept our offer on your gold jewelry, the gold purchasing professionals at A&J Jewelers will provide you with a company check on the spot. Alternatively, you can choose to accept in-store credit to receive as much as 20 percent more for your gold. At A&J Jewelers, we work with you to make sure you get the right price and the right service when you need to sell gold in the Atlanta area.

Do you have old or broken gold jewelry just lying around the house? The experienced gold purchasers at A&J Jewelers can help you convert your gold to cash quickly and easily. We are here to help with the best array of services for you. If you are wondering where to sell gold in the Atlanta Metro area, A&J Jewelers is the right answer for you.