Creating Perfect Custom Necklaces in the Atlanta Metro Area

Your jewelry can say so much about you—from a simple chain with colored gems that showcase your individuality to a beautiful pendant necklace that holds a special meaning for you or a loved one. Why go with the ordinary when you can be extraordinary?

Work with the expert jewelry designers at A&J Jewelry in Snellville to create the most exquisite custom necklace in Gwinnett County, GA.

A Custom Necklace Is the Perfect Way to Stand Out in a Crowd

● Pendant

● Choker

● Charm

● Locket

● Lariat

● Princess

● Chain

There are countless different ways you can customize a necklace! One idea is to engrave your name, date, or special message on a gold or silver nameplate. A pendant necklace is a cherished way for a mother to show her love for her children, perhaps by engraving their initials or names on individual pendants. And one of the latest trends today is coordinate jewelry, where we engrave a location onto a nameplate or charm for your custom necklace.

Creating Your One-of-a-Kind Custom Necklace or Custom Jewelry in Gwinnett County

Custom jewelry is the best way to display your creative talent for all to see. Whether you have an exact idea of what you want or you need help deciding on the most suitable materials, our design team at A&J Jewelers in Snellville can help you design the perfect custom necklace that you will treasure forever.

Visit our showroom, and we will sketch out your ideas and help you perfect your design by selecting the best materials and gemstones. We will then program your design into our 3D Virtual CAD software and set the size and dimensions, making sure everything is correct before printing out a 3D model for you to try on and approve.

A&J Jewelers Can Help You with All of Your Custom Jewelry and Jewelry Repair Needs

Whether for yourself or a loved one, a piece of custom jewelry can help you make a unique and memorable statement.

At A&J Jewelers, our design team has created hundreds of custom necklaces and other jewelry pieces for every occasion. We can help you create a fun, stylish, and meaningful custom necklace with colorful gemstones or simple charms. Many people want a sentimental necklace that holds special meaning for themselves or a loved one.

If you need jewelry repair, our team has years of combined experience repairing jewelry of all kinds:

● Chain repair

● Clasp repair

● Ring shank repair

● Stone replacement

● Prong replacement

We will thoroughly inspect your jewelry at no cost, identify all issues, and go over all repairs and costs. After your approval, we will repair and polish your jewelry to like-new condition.

How We Work?

For centuries, jewelry was created one piece at a time, for one person at a time.  We still like to make jewelry that way.  Our designers, artisans, and setters will help you create something that nobody else in this world has – something you can hand down for generations.


Every piece of jewelry begins with a story. What is the memory, event, or milestone that brought you to this moment? We’ll explore these ideas with you, and that will be the beginning of your custom jewel.


We might start by sketching or putting together a mini-idea board, but once your design is clear, we will create a 3D virtual CAD drawing. Then we will print a wax model for you to approve.


Finally, the artisan work begins. We will cast and form your metals, match and set gemstones, then polish and finish your piece to perfection. You will have a jewel like no other.

Before and After

Your jewelry is more than just precious metals and gemstones. It is full of memories and love. Over time, your favorite pieces may need updating to reflect new chapters in your life. Here’s a favorite story from our store. A husband brought in the couple’s old wedding rings to be combined and turned into a custom necklace.

We left the husband’s wedding band intact due to an inscription, and we encircled the band with the diamonds from the engagement ring. We then added a matching loop for an elegant chain necklace. The result was an emotional new piece that now has a new life.


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