The Rules for Buying a Diamond

A diamond is a significant investment — and not just a financial investment! Most diamonds are purchased as a promise, to commemorate an important accomplishment, or to celebrate a milestone. So purchasing a diamond is also an emotional investment.

The team at A&J Jewelers is here to answer all your questions, look at as many diamonds as you wish to look at, and help you make the best decision for you.

So the first, most important step in choosing the perfect diamond is to remember this: Nobody else gets to decide which diamond is the perfect diamond for you. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Sure, it’s true that some diamonds are “worth” more than other diamonds – but seriously, are you buying your diamond as an investment? Do you plan to trade it like you trade stocks and bonds? Of course not! You plan to wear it, and love it, and have happy memories and thoughts every time you look at it.

Some people love a diamond with a warm yellow or cool gray glow to it. Other people don’t want to see any color at all. Some people love the more organic look of what we call a traditional cut. Other people prefer the perfect symmetry of a hearts-and-arrows cut diamond. It’s important that you pay the correct amount for the diamond of your choice. After all, a traditional or old European cut diamond is likely to cost less carat-for-carat than a Hearts on Fire diamond. But other than paying the correct amount, your preference is the only preference that matters.

So the first rule of buying the perfect diamond is this: Look at a lot of diamonds!! Look at enough diamonds to develop a feeling for what you love and which aspects matter to you (color? cut? size?). We can show you lots of diamonds when you come into the store, or we can do a video conference with you if you prefer to shop from home.

The next rule of buying the perfect diamond is to understand a bit about what makes some diamonds more valuable than others. Now hold on a minute – we’re not saying that only the most valuable diamonds are lovable! Ask any diamond cutter if he or she has a favorite diamond, and they’ll show you a selection of remarkably rare (expensive) diamonds and some utterly beautiful little gems that just captured their imagination. But since you are spending your hard earned money on a diamond, you need to understand the valuation method behind diamonds, and that means knowing a bit about the 4Cs. You can read up on them here, or we can teach you about them while showing you (loads of) diamonds. It’s up to you!

Of course, your diamond will not just lay around in your jewelry box all by itself. It will be set in a ring mounting, or in a pendant, or in some other lovely piece of jewelry. So the final rule of choosing the perfect diamond is to remember that the frame around the art is critical to the best display of the art. So think a bit about how you will wear the diamond (every day? at work? what kind of work? only on special occasions?), and how much activity the diamond will experience (we don’t want to lose it!). A professional jeweler can make a diamond wearable, safe, and sound in most situations (within reason – if you’re an auto-mechanic we may recommend leaving the diamond home while working), so it helps to know what your lifestyle is like.

Now, on to the fun stuff. What do you want your diamond mounting (ring, pendant, etc.) to look like? There are so many jewelry designs to choose from, and we certainly have a design that fits your personality, lifestyle, and aesthetic.

So there you have it – the rules for buying a diamond. Shall we summarize?

  1. Only you get to decide what is beautiful to you.
  2. Know something about the 4Cs, so you can understand how diamonds are valued.
  3. Select the diamond mounting that suits your personality, your aesthetic, and your lifestyle.

Ready? Great! Give us a call or text at 678.344.1022, or just pop in any time, and let us start showing you diamonds! Let the adventure begin.