We Buy Gold and Diamonds

Let's face it - things feel a bit uncertain these days. You may be thinking about a way to add a little cash buffer to your life.

With gold prices at record levels, you may have the answer sitting in your jewelry box.  We can turn your gold into cash. 


A&J Jewelry is known for our integrity, and that's important when you're selling gold. You need an ethical partner, who will give you top dollar for your gold, and offer complete transparency.

How it Works

We analyze your items and tell you how much gold you have by karat and weight.  We'll offer you a fair price. You get to decide if you'd rather have the money, or keep your items. It's comfortable. Transparent.

When Do I Get Paid?

We pay you on the spot, with a company check. 

Or, use your gold to make an in-store purchase, and get up to 20% more than you would receive in cash value.

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