How to Confidently Shop for Jewelry Online


Today, you can buy just about anything online and have it shipped right to your door. While that adds a great convenience factor, buying online can also leave people wondering if they are going to receive products that the seller will stand behind. This is especially true with jewelry. Since some pieces can be extravagant, they can be pricey. It is important to make sure you are making a good investment and will be happy with your purchase.

As a trusted family-owned jewelry supplier that has been serving the Atlanta metro area and beyond for 35 years, A&J Jewelers wants to see everyone happy with their purchases. We recommend remembering that the key is thorough research with online shopping. These are some tips to follow to help you confidently shop for jewelry online.

Read Descriptions Carefully

Before you shop, it is good to know sizes, lengths and widths. For example, if you are buying a ring, it is important to know your size or the size of the person you are buying it for first. With necklaces, it is important to understand chain lengths. As you shop, it helps to have a ruler or measurement tool nearby so you can visualize chain sizes, setting sizes and gemstone sizes. Be sure to carefully read all the dimensions to ensure you receive a product that fits your needs.

Another important detail to look for when you shop for jewelry online is metal type. Fine jewelers typically sell solid fine metals. Some other jewelry shops may sell plated jewelry for less, and it tends to wear quickly and become discolored. When you are shopping for white or yellow gold that will last a long time, avoid plated items. Also, read descriptions of gemstones to ensure that they are genuine. If you are shopping for diamonds for the first time, contact the jewelry store or visit a local one to learn about how to shop for diamonds.

Research the Business

Although there are many reputable online jewelry shops, there are some fake companies and some untrustworthy ones. Today, it is easy to set up a website that looks legitimate, and some businesses may even provide fake contact information thinking it will satisfy most searchers. For this reason, look beyond the website.

First, try calling the phone number the company provides on the site to see if you can talk to a person. Next, check to see that the business has an established location on search engines using the address or phone number from the site. Most reputable jewelers set up a Google business profile to ensure that people can see their contact information and a picture of their store that was taken by Google’s Street View cars.

Anyone can put up a picture of a different business on a website. However, with Google’s Street View cars drive by different locations and take photos of homes and businesses to correspond with addresses. If you do not see a business with a sign when you search Google, beware. You can also search the company’s name on the Better Business Bureau’s website to see if it is listed or has a good rating. 

Read Customer Reviews

Since nearly all businesses only post positive testimonials or reviews, go beyond the company’s website to read reviews. You can usually do this by typing in the company’s name and the word “reviews” on Google. Are there more complaints than positive reviews on third-party review sites? If there are no reviews, it may be a new business but this should raise a flag. Good jewelers will have mostly good reviews. While some companies may have a few bad reviews, the majority should be good.

Understand Return Policies

Jewelers may have different return policies. Some may allow returns only for a specific time window. There may be conditions or special shipping requirements for returns. Some merchants also charge a restocking fee. Other jewelers may offer a lifetime warranty for certain pieces. Before you buy, be sure to know your options. Remember that a reputable online jewelry shop stands behind its products with a good customer satisfaction policy.

A&J Jewelers

Now that you know how to find the jewelry you want and ensure you are working with a reliable company that suits your needs, you are ready to shop for jewelry online with confidence. If looking to shop online for jewelry, know that A&J Jewelers is a trusted source that has been serving customers in Metro Atlanta for the past thirty-five years. We offer customers online shopping options and have a store that you can physically visit in Snellville, GA

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