How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring While Maintaining Its Sentimental Value

woman wearing custom engagement ring

Are you thinking that maybe it’s time to update your engagement ring? If so, you aren’t alone! Many people opt to update their engagement and wedding rings for a multitude of reasons. Some people find that over the years, their taste in jewelry changes while others find themselves in a better financial position making it easier for them to upgrade their special piece. Many people also make upgrades to their ring to signify a special occasion such as a vow renewal, anniversary or to celebrate successes. 

Oftentimes people shy away from making updates to their engagement and wedding rings because they fear losing the ring’s sentimental value. Luckily, there are ways to upgrade your engagement ring that allow you to preserve its sentimental value. 

Upgrade the Stone

Whether you have always planned on upgrading your original diamond or have decided that the time is right, upgrading your stone can add value to your piece. Upgrading to a higher quality stone but keeping the style of original setting is a great way to enhance your piece while maintaining its sentiment. 

Resetting the Diamond 

If the idea of trading in your current diamond is too painful, another idea is to reset the diamond and design a ring that incorporates the original stone into the newly designed ring. If you are looking to upgrade to a large diamond, you can use your original as a side stone. 

Add Stones

For those looking to maintain their original stone as the centerpiece, there is the option for adding side stones. Diamonds or colored gemstones can be added during the redesign process to create a more unique look. A popular choice for some is to add gemstones with special meanings such as birthstones for themselves, spouses or children. 

Freshen the Look 

If you are pleased with your current stone and looking to make a more affordable upgrade, you can makeover your ring by setting it into a new band. This is especially helpful for those whose taste in jewelry has changed. For instance, maybe you were someone that loved yellow gold but now wears white gold. If this sounds familiar, consider making an upgrade to your band! 

Add a Ring Wrap or Ring Enhancer

If you and or your partner are against changing your original ring, a great option is to add a ring wrap or enhancer. These pieces offer an efficient way to boost your ring’s appearance without altering its original design. Ring enhancers also serve as wonderful gifts for celebrating anniversaries and other occasions such as promotions, new babies and more! 


To take your ring to that next level and truly customize it to make it one of a kind, consider having something engraved. This can help you commemorate your loved one and your special day together. If interested in engraving, A&J Jewelers does machine engraving in-store, often while you wait. 

If you are interested in upgrading your engagement ring but are unsure of where to begin, stop in to A&J Jewelers in Snellville, GA. We have been serving jewelry owners through the Atlanta metro area for decades and would love to speak with you regarding upgrading your engagement or wedding ring. 

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