Engagement ring vs. Wedding Ring – Things You Should Know

The tradition of the exchange of rings at a wedding dates back to ancient times. In fact, the tradition is so old; it can be dated back to 3,000 years. However, as times evolve, so do traditions. And the modern practice of the exchange of rings at weddings brings up several questions about engagement rings vs. wedding rings. How are the two types of rings different? Do you need two different types of rings for two different occasions? Do you always need a wedding band? What if you wear both a wedding ring and a wedding band?

And there are many more questions. So while what you get for yourself and your loved one is entirely your choice, let’s go through a few things about engagement ring vs. wedding ring, so you get some clarity over any concerns regarding the unique expression of commitment and love.

What Is an Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

If you look at the engagement ring and the wedding ring, the difference is usually in the style and design. Let’s take a closer look at each type of ring so you can identify the difference between the two types of rings.

An engagement ring can be any ring. It is often given to your partner either when you propose to them or when the couple has decided to get engaged. Traditional engagement rings usually have a single dominant stone. However, with evolving traditions, you can make some modern choices for engagement rings with more than one dominant stone, and you can even choose a wedding band and use it as your engagement ring. Learn more about the latest styles of engagement rings here.

On the other hand, a wedding ring is exchanged at the wedding ceremony, which symbolizes a union between a groom and a bride. Wedding rings, also known as wedding bands, are usually simpler in style, and unlike an engagement ring, they usually do not have a centerpiece. However, wedding rings can still have stones that are usually of the same size. Check out our latest collection of wedding rings for women here. To know more about wedding bands for men, check out the page for men’s wedding bands. 

Traditionally, on your wedding day, both engagement and wedding rings are usually worn together. Still, of course, you can throw the tradition out of the window and interchangeably use your wedding and engagement rings.

What is the Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

As mentioned earlier, the difference in design and style is perhaps the most critical difference between the two types of rings. But that’s not it. Due to the variation in design and stones used, there is a significant price difference that you should expect between your engagement ring and wedding ring. Moreover, regardless of the diamonds or gemstones in a wedding ring, the total weight of your wedding band will still be significantly lesser than your engagement ring.

How to Choose Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings?

engagement ringWhen it comes to choosing your engagement rings and wedding rings, timing is critical. Make sure you allow yourself at least three months before your big day for wedding bands to be produced. This way, you will buy yourself enough time, and in case of any discrepancy in design, you can get it fixed in time. So there would be one less thing to worry about on your big day.

If you are looking for an engagement ring and a wedding ring, here are a few things that you need to consider. 

·         The shape of the ring,

·         The metal you want for your ring,

·         The carat size of the stone you prefer for your engagement and wedding ring,

·         Be sure of the quality and cut of the stone,

·         Always go for a certified stone, and

·         Consider how your engagement ring aligns with your wedding band.

Over the years, an increasing number of couples are now choosing their engagement and wedding rings together. A matching engagement and wedding ring, also known as a bridal set, ensures that the metal color is the same and the two rings can fit in properly so they can be worn together on the same finger. So if you are someone looking for a bridal set or separate engagement and wedding rings, you will have several choices of metal, colors, and gemstones, but you need to go for one that matches your personal preference of style and material.  

How Much Do Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings Costs?

Your engagement ring is indeed a serious investment, and while the spending of individuals couples on their engagement ring varies, the average cost of an engagement ring for women is around $5,500. However, as mentioned earlier, it is just an average, and you can find an engagement ring under $1,000 as well.

On the other hand, wedding rings are not that expensive. Since they do not feature a centerpiece or a giant stone and have a lesser carat weight, the average cost of a wedding band for men was around $500, and for women, it was a little over $1,100. But, again, these are just the averages, and you can find an engagement or wedding ring that fits your budget.

How to Wear an Engagement and Wedding Ring?

Traditionally, both engagement and wedding rings are worn together on the ring finger of your left hand. Moreover, you wear the wedding band inside the engagement ring, whereas your engagement ring is on the outer side close to your knuckle. 

And before the wedding, you can wear your engagement ring on the ring finger of your left hand. The same rule applies to men as well, and they usually wear their wedding ring on the ring finger of their left hand.

Can You Use a Wedding Band as an Engagement Ring?

Traditionally, two separate rings are used as your engagement ring and your wedding band. But for a more modern individual like you, a wedding band can be used as an engagement ring. So it is all a matter of choice and personal preference.


Of course, there are traditions, but there is no right and wrong when it comes to choosing your engagement and wedding rings. Indeed, the two types of rings are different but let’s not forget that the true purpose of these rings is to symbolize the love and union of two individuals who intend to spend the rest of their lives together. 

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