It’s Time for a Ring Inspection

Jewelry Appraisals

Let me start by saying if you are reading this and it has been more than one year since you’ve had your rings looked at, it’s time for a check up! It’s funny to hear how many people don’t think to have their jewelry looked at every so often. Think of your jewelry like your car, you wouldn’t wait until it breaks down to get it checked.

We recommend having your jewelry (specifically rings) checked every six months! Imagine how often you accidentally knock your ring on the door frame, or the prongs snag on your sweater. If your rings get checked every six months you can prevent prongs breaking or, worst case scenario, losing a stone!

Prongs are especially important to have checked by a master jeweler because the prongs might be worn or tipped incorrectly, which can be spotted quickly by someone with experience. If you notice in the photos above the top of the prongs are almost completely worn. In the second photo on the side view you can see one prong tip is missing!

Prong re-tipping starts around $30, but it can save you thousands by insuring you won’t lose a stone! Make this a reminder to go get your rings checked this week!

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